Stuttgart is home to a historic and lively graffiti scene that has been helping to shape the public space with colourful images since the end of the 1980s. For a long time, oversized murals that are permanently integrated into the cityscape were quite rare in Stuttgart compared to other large cities. This is currently changing! Since 2022, the "PFFFestival - urban art in Stuttgart" has taken place every year.

By 2025, a total of 20+ large-scale façades are to be designed in Stuttgart. Six large-scale façade paintings were already created in the first year. The artists of the first edition of the PFFFestival were Marvin Daumüller, Bezt, Rafael Gerlach, Julia Heinisch, Inga Krause and Roids.

In addition to the murals, there will be a vernissage and an ongoing print publication in cooperation with the Wagenhalle art association. The projects can be followed in parallel on the Instagram account or the website.

The PFFFestival was extensively documented photographically. The individual projects were also filmed and can be viewed on the YouTube channel "PFFFestival" can be viewed.

In cooperation with the Cultural Office of the City of Stuttgart. More information on the PFFFestival at, on Instagram or Youtube. Project has been running since 2022.

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