We designed two walls in the Zuffenhausen S-Bahn station for Deutsche Bahn. For the design, we used various elements of the Stuttgart S-Bahn livery and mixed them with cut-outs of DB display panels, graphic patterns and graffiti elements. A large Zuffenhausen lettering can be seen on the second wall. The colour scheme is derived from gradations of the Zuffenhausen city emblem. 

For German railways / Stuttgart, Zuffenhausen, 2021 / with Paul Furmaniak


For German railways / Stuttgart, Wendlingen, 2021 

We designed a train station stop for Deutsche Bahn in Wendlingen. We chose to visualize the words "Hey" and "Bye" based on arrival (welcome) and departure (farewell). The dynamics of the distorted letters underline the theme of traveling by train.


For German railways / Stuttgart, Bonn main station, 2021 

In Bonn's main station, we designed the subway and stairways in consultation with the DB marketing team. For this, we took up the local conditions of the brick walls in the station. The motifs were made up of rectangular bricks, with each of the 26,000 bricks being individually coloured. In addition to various Bonn landmarks and nature motifs from the surrounding area, we placed a large BONN lettering in the subway. 


For German railways / Stuttgart, with Michel T. Balke, 2022

At Geradstetten station, we painted two bridgeheads by picking up and morphing different elements of the Stuttgart S-Bahn. They show enlarged areas of the S-Bahn interiors, the different colour schemes and components of the trains. 


For German railways / Stuttgart, 2022

We designed the dark railway station subway in Kornwestheim with bright colours and shapes. In addition, we created a small-scale illustration with various sights of the city of Kornwestheim. 


For German railways / Stuttgart, 2020 

The station in Esslingen-Mettingen was given a colourful makeover at the end of 2020. For this, we divided the subway and the stairways into different areas, which were covered with graphic patterns and illustrations. The ceiling was also included in the design concept. 


For German railways / Stuttgart, 2020 

At Untertürkheim station, we designed several walls with an analogue vector grid. In the area of platform 6, a SLOW DOWN lettering was created using geometric shapes. The message is intended to encourage passengers to pause for a moment in the hectic pace of everyday life and to walk through the world with an open eye for their surroundings. In the opposite part of the station, a closer look reveals "Homebound" lettering. Here, too, the design is composed of the same modular principle of different geometric shapes.

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