We are a multidisciplinary design studio based in Stuttgart and Hamburg. We work at the intersection of design, art, graffiti and facade design. The focus is on design with street credibility and graffiti with concept. We develop, plan and implement projects of all sizes. We work closely with institutions, artists, municipalities and companies.


Studio Vierkant was founded by Philipp Becker, Jan Ducks and Georg Waibel and has been at home at the Wagenhallen in Stuttgart's north since the beginning of 2020. Hamburg-based Michel Balke has been another member of the team since 2023. We design identities and concepts in print and digital. We also work on murals or large facade designs. Interdisciplinary projects are of particular interest to us.

Former and current interns: Mitra Asghari, Audrey Delacroix, Amelie Kress & Laurin Stemmann.


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Studio Vierkant / Becker Ducks Waibel GbR
Innerer Nordbahnhof 2
70191 Stuttgart

Studio Vierkant / Michel Balke
Fährstraße 66
21107 Hamburg


Twice a year there is the opportunity for a six-month internship. Starting dates are 01 September and 01 March. The internship is paid and is mainly aimed at communication design students or working students. Send your portfolio to internship@studiovierkant.de.

The next available internship position starts on 01 September 2024.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


It is important for us to plan the time needed for a high-quality implementation of each project. As we receive many enquiries, it makes sense to contact us early so that we can block out a time frame for the project.


In order to be able to prepare a detailed offer, we need a precise description of the task, the objective of the project, a list of the media to be covered, in the case of a wall design the dimensions of the surface and a description of the surface condition (ideally photos of the surface), the desired implementation period and other information relevant to the project.


We only work with the best materials available to ensure that our work lasts as long as possible. However, our outdoor work is exposed to many different factors, such as water, solar radiation, fine dust and also sometimes physical interference. Due to UV radiation, certain colours fade faster than others. However, it is possible to slow down the ageing process of these particularly UV-active colours by applying UV-blocking protective coatings.


We use facade paints for most projects. This has advantages in terms of the sustainability of the work, but also in terms of durability. Facade paints also provide a uniform finish. We try to reduce the use of foils and spray paints and only use these materials as selectively as possible to minimise the environmental impact of our work.


The costs for a project are individual. The costs depend on the planning effort, the complexity, the implementation time, the cost of materials and the number of people required. We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer. 

Graffiti against graffiti" concept

Graffiti and street art is multi-faceted. The spectrum of graffiti ranges from doodles, political slogans, football graffiti, classic style writing to the works of the street art movement. Only a small part of the actors feel connected to the conventions of the graffiti scene. Many owners of spaces assume that a commissioned wall design will curb uncontrolled painting. This may be the case, but it does not have to be. The code among sprayers is based on mutual respect. As soon as a commissioned piece of work is painted over existing artworks, this commission can logically become the target of the sprayers who have previously designed this surface. A painting of an already sprayed surface must therefore be assessed individually. Some surfaces cannot be painted by us with commissioned works.


If we are unable to accept a commission for specific scheduling or other reasons, we are happy to forward the request to capable artists within our network, if desired.


We only participate in paid pitches. We do not support the concept of unpaid preliminary work. It is a reality that many artists work in precarious conditions. Many pitches raise the hopes of the participants, which then remain unfulfilled despite considerable effort. In our opinion, it is the duty of the tenderers to provide appropriate framework conditions.

Innerer Nordbahnhof 2
70191 Stuttgart
+49 (0) 176 5653 5885
Monday to Friday / 09:00 - 17:00