Walls of Vision

In the summer of 2022, we painted a façade in our neighbourhood in Stuttgart-Nord. Édouard Manet's work "Le Chemin de fer" ("The Railway") served as the basis, both in terms of the motif and the painting technique. Here, the original motif was altered. The struts of the fence were bent to visualise the process of change. In the background is a more abstract composition inspired by Robert Delaney's "Window Picture". By replacing the background of the Manet artwork with a non-representational work, the new visual language conveys an exciting mix of different painting styles and eras. The new overall work leaves room for interpretation. Is the future open or closed to youth? Is the future a "blind spot" or a "blank sheet of paper"? Do the different generations act together or against each other?

With WALLS OF VISION, the non-profit Dr. Hans Riegel Foundation aims to preserve historical works of art or keep them up to date, make them accessible to a broad public free of charge and inspire young people for the visual arts.

Dr Hans Riegel Foundation, Walls of Vision, 2022

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