PFFF Journal

In order to document the Mural Festival in an analogue way, a publication is published annually. The publication introduces the participating artists, explains the project and its facets, accompanies the design process and features interviews with participants. In addition, various experts or journalists have their say in each issue, contributing articles on the topics of art, culture and graffiti. [...]

K30 Offspace

For WÖHR+BAUER / In Stuttgart-Feuerbach, 2022 / With Thommy West The former site of the paint & varnish manufacturer AkzoNobel was turned inside out by creative people for four weeks before the buildings embark on their final journey. In collaboration with Wöhr + Bauer, the Cultural Office, the Economic Development Department of the City of Stuttgart and around 70 artists, the former industrial site has been transformed into a temporary gallery [...]

More halls trolleys

For the Wagenhallen Art Association, in collaboration with Marc Dasing, 2017 In collaboration with Marc Dasing, we designed the book "Mehr Hallen wagen! The Wagenhalle Art Association - a snapshot". It documents the optimal conditions at the Wagenhallen: sufficient space and area at reasonable prices and longstanding tolerance of use in a kind of ownership. Over 50 artists [...]

Breaking the Law

The book "Breaking The Law" deals with the topic of crime. By means of interviews with convicted criminals, insights into the topic are provided. Texts were written with a professional thief, a sprayer, a hooligan, a dealer, a banker and an animal rights activist. The interviews were framed with freely accessible texts and stock photos on the respective topics. Thus [...]

1UP & OLF / Gentle People Tour

The book about the 1UP crew and their road trip through Australia. Photographed by OLF. We did the design of the book. Printed and bound in Germany, 116 pages, 26 x 19 cm, 0,35 KG, English For 1UP & OLF/ Australia, 2021

SatOne Reproduction

SatOne's REPRODUCTION is a kind of travel diary from the last eight years. It documents over one hundred variations of his logo that he has painted all over the globe. In the process, the Munich-based artist intensively studied the characteristics of the respective cultural contexts. The SatOne logos presented in this book show how diverse a work in constant [...]

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