For the wall design of a retaining wall opposite a day care centre, we designed the motif in such a way that children can interact with the motif world. For this, we used clear and strong colours. The geometric shapes consist of rectangles, squares, circles and triangles, as children know these basic shapes from their wooden building blocks. Various letters are hidden in the picture, which can be discovered. A drawing in the style of a child's hand drawing shows a landscape with various objects. A child in an excavator builds the main motif in the form of abstracted building blocks according to the motto: "I paint the world as I like it".

Lauterbach municipality, 2022

Sports field

For the design of a sports field wall in Lauterbach, we used the motif world of football. The colourful collage features elements of football field line markings, goal nets and jersey numbers. In addition, various zoomed-in areas of LED scoreboards are depicted. In addition, the motif features colourful patterns inspired by football jerseys. The design stands for a colourful diversity and common togetherness in sports.

Lauterbach municipality, 2022

Gallery Kimmich

We designed the arcade wall of the town of Lauterbach in the Black Forest. Together with the Rottweil artist and graphic designer Robert Hak, an interpretation of the artist Wilhelm Kimmich was adapted to modern times. On the one hand, the wall serves as a tribute to Kimmich, who was originally from the area, and on the other hand, as an advertisement for the renovated gallery of the same name. For an interesting overall image, various excerpts from Kimmich's works were reinterpreted and implemented in a colour palette extracted from the original paintings.

Lauterbach municipality, 2022

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